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Money and Banking Statistics

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1-    Statistical data on selected financial statements, which are included in the monthly data gathered by the Central Bank of  the TRNC, are prepared based on temporary financial statements
2-    Data presented in the Money and Banking Statistics are gathered from the Bank Supervision System Reports Set. Monthly data submitted by banks are used.
3-    Central Bank of the TRNC warrants no guarantees on the accuracy of the financial statements submitted by banks based on temporary data, nor accepts any liability thereof. Data presented are intended for informative purposes only.
4-    Seasonal data presented, may be updated based on the latest dataset reported.
5-    Central Bank of the TRNC reserves the right to add new worksheets or update/remove any worksheet present without previous notification. 
6-    Central Bank of the TRNC releases this data for free public use, requiring no consent from CB provided that the referral source is cited.


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